Speaking from the Heart - A Practice

Speaking from the Heart
All relationships require honesty and open communication to blossom and reach deeper levels of intimacy. It is a good idea to check-in, from time to time, and discuss ways to strengthen and nurture your relationship. 
Below is a simple practice to open your hearts to each other, encouraging growth and deep intimacy in the relationship.

Setting the mood for intimate dialog is vital for success. Prepare your space with soft candlelight, gentle music, fluffy pillows, and burning incense. 
  • Once you are settled and ready; start by sitting in front of each other and gently kissing. 
  • Next, give a whole-body hug and hold for several breaths, simply melt into each other with each exhale.
  • Now, begin to breathe deeply and slowly, allow your breath to synchronize with your partner's breath. Practice this for several minutes to ensure that you are both in-time with one another and are both in a more relaxed state. 
  • Finally, both of you place your right hand over your own heart while gazing into each other's eyes. Expand your love for each other and prepare your heart space to reveal itself to your partner.
Allow the next moments to unfold naturally, affirming to each other your commitment to remain together by choice. 
  • Each of you takes a turn speaking about how much you value each other. 
  • Talk about how you have blossomed in the relationship and how challenges have helped you to grow in unexpected ways. 
  • Share with each other how you can improve on the depth and intimacy of the relationship. 
  • Truly listen with an open heart to what your partner has to say. Listen to your partner as they express their deep feelings about you and their growth.

To finish: Honor each other from the heart space.
Place your right hand over each other's heart, gaze into each other's eyes, and simply smile to each other. Now, close your eyes and listen for each other's heartbeat, radiate love to each other and honor each other for speaking from the heart. 
By Shane and Heather
Creators of Sacred Sex Game


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