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Eye Gazing for Deep Connection

Eye Gazing for Deep Connection

Eye gazing is a wonderful and simple way to create a deep, intentional connection with another person.
To increase intimacy with your partner practice eye gazing before, during, or after lovemaking. Gazing deeply into each other's eyes can open the heart space, increase awareness, and help each other surrender to the present moment.
Eye gazing is meant to be practiced with a soft gaze and not meant to be a staring contest. It is perfectly normal to blink while relaxing into each other's eyes. It is best to start the practice by focusing on each other's left eye; this is the receptive eye and will help to soften your gaze. Relax and allow thoughts to simply drift while maintaining your awareness. Once you are more comfortable with the practice; you and your partner can migrate your focus to the center of each other's brow. There is no time limit to eye gazing. However, it is recommended to practice 3-5 minutes when your first start.
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