Opening the Heart - A Practice

Opening the Heart - A Practice

Every opportunity or challenge in our lives is a chance to live more from the heart. When we approach life with an open heart, we are able to tap into an inner knowing and a calmness that brings greater awareness and compassion. Practice living from your heart space, in as many moments of each day that you can, particularly when making love and engaged in heartfelt conversation.
Try this practice with a partner:
  • Sit cross-legged with knees touching. Place your right-hand in your partners left-hand, palms touching.

  • Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply, concentrate on quieting your minds. Allow yourselves to enter into your heart space - that blessed space right behind your breastbone.

  • On your inhale imagine sending loving energy out into the universe. On the exhale, imagine loving energy entering into your hearts space, from the universe. Practice this together for several minutes, continuing to have your palms coupled.

  • Now; inhale and imagine sending loving energy down your right arm and into your partner's left palm.

  • On your Exhale, imagine receiving your partner's loving energy into your left palm and visualize this energy, moving up into, and resting in your heart.

  • Repeat this cycle of giving and receiving between your hearts for several minutes before resting. (Tip: Discuss your experience with each other for greater expansion.)

A daily practice of opening the heart space will transform your inner landscape, your relationship, and your view of the world around you.

By Shane and Heather
Creators of Sacred Sex Game


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