We are Divine - A Simple Practice

We are divine - A practice.
We are inherently divine. We just need to wake up to this truth.  A way to experience our divinity is to shift our awareness. This simple practice will help you and a partner begin to experience the divine spark, that resides in us all.

Simple Practice:
-Stand in front of your partner (willing participant); face each other and relax your posture; begin breathing deeply. Gaze gently into each other's eyes and allow yourselves to smile naturally. To help maintain a natural gaze, look into each other's left eye.
-Now, focus on the breath and imagine energy bring drawn up from the Earth, through the soles of your feet, up your legs, and into the heart space.
-Now, place your hands in front of your heart space, in the prayer position (Anjali Mudra). As you breathe out, bend forward, keeping your eyes locked, and say, "Namaste" to your partner.
-Now, breath in and move back to center, visualize the energy moving back down into the Earth, place your hands at your sides.
-Repeat two more times.
This simple practice will help you bring awareness to the divine spark within yourself and others. This is an excellent practice before and after lovemaking.
By Shane and Heather
Creators of Sacred Sex Game


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