9 Steps to a Great Sex Life

In today's modern lifestyle, finding time to create intimacy can be a challenge.If you practice these suggestions you will be well on your way to greater sex

Remember intimacy requires trust and emotional vulnerability. You must create the loving space for the walls to come down. Once you and your partner feel emotionally safe than trust can develop. Once trust has been established; intimacy can flourish. And it all starts with communication. This is a primary key to lasting sexual intimacy. As we say here at Sacred Sex Game, “Great Sex is Successful Communication.”

1. Every time you have sex, redefine and expand upon your understanding of the act. The act of lovemaking can start with a glance, a touch, or a kiss; it is the slow undressing of your partner or a gentle massage. Sex is rolling under the covers and trying new positions. Sex is pillow talk and cuddling.

2. Let go of ideas about what your sexual experiences are “suppose" to look like. Movies, magazines, and society paint an unrealistic picture of sexual encounters. Simply create time for each other and build a rhythm.

3. Stop focusing on the orgasm. Intimacy and lovemaking are so much more than the climax. Lovemaking is about building that rhythm and sustaining an interest in each others playfulness. Let the orgasm take care of itself.

4. Your sexual vitality is your responsibility. You must not rely on your partner to awake and sustain your internal spark. You can create a blazing fire together but only if your internal spark is already lit. Study ways to increase your vitality and practice with your partner.

5. Treat your body as a temple. The more time and attention you give to self-care the greater the capacity you will have for pampering your partner. Plus, a healthy body helps to align the mind and emotions.

6. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Easier said than done, right! Partners can transfer both negative and positive thoughts and feelings to each other. With mindfulness of your thoughts and emotions; you can help to create harmony in your relationship.  

7. Make time for each other. Just by taking this simple action the rest can fall into place. Sit together and talk, kiss and caress, touch and gaze into each other's eyes. You will see...create the meaningful time and the rest will take care of itself.

8. Rinse and repeat. Once you get a rhythm going, continue to create time and make a connection with your partner.

9. Make a monthly, weekly, and daily routine with your partner. Suggestions for making routines: Schedule a monthly road trip to rekindle passion away from daily chores, schedule a time to discuss weekly goals for your partnership, and nourish your partner each day with physical touch and kind communication.

Your Sex Life should be a part of your human experience, part of your daily life. You don't always have time for hot passionate sex that last hours and ends with a bubble bath and chocolate. But, you can make time for each other each and every day.

By Shane and Heather
© 2018


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