Happy Spring Equinox - What do Bunnies do best?

Sacred Sex Game presents: 
A letter from Thumper

Spring is here! Lettuce all have Bunny Sex!

I don't know about anybody else. But, I am glad it's spring.

Wintertime can be such a drab. Spending all winter in a dark and cold den with nothing to eat but stale carrots and dried grass can put even the most out-going bunny “out of the mood”. Springtime is a cause for celebration. A bunny's favorite herbs and flowers begin to sprout out of the ground. New scents and colors begin to come alive. Oh and other bunnies, lots of bunnies, come out to play! Such things a bunny dreams about, during the cold winter months.

Yep, spring is a time to feel frisky. And every bunny has the same thing on their mind - Eat, Sleep, Shag, Repeat! I never met a bunny who didn't like eating and having sex. We have been called crazy and screwy. But really, we just wanna eat and have fun. Don't judge a bunny for what a bunny does best!

Apparently, sex is not just fun - it also helps with everything!

According to my Doc.- having sex improves a bunny's sense of smell. (Brilliant!) Sex can also reduce the risk of heart disease and depression. Let me tell ya, hibernation can make any bunny a little crazy and depressed. Doc. says that sex can also keep bunnies trim and fit. Imagine that, sex is a great way to work off all that excess winter fat and generate some new spring muscle. (Sign me up!) Doc. Also says that having lots of sex produces pleasure endorphins like “Oxytocin” and “Dopamine”. I don't know what these are but she tells me they are good, very good.
Yep, spring is a perfect time to lose your inhibitions and do what bunnies do best!

Happy Spring!!! Every Bunny Dance!!!

Thumper (the bunny rabbit) 

Shane and Heather


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