Makin' Time for Makin' Love - How to create Sexy Time!

Makin' Time for Makin' Love.

Let face it; a modern task-oriented life can rob us of our passions. It is easy to get swept away by the duties and obligations of our daily lives and lose sight of simple pleasures. In the hustle and bustle of a modern lifestyle, most of us find ourselves compartmentalizing our time just to keep up. We schedule our months, weeks, days, and hours and so often none of this “time” includes pleasure. The reality is that a modern lifestyle affords little time for ourselves, let alone time for connecting with our partner.

Put simply; we must create the time we want for ourselves and our partner.
If this resonates with you, read on!

How can this be done? By scheduling sex just like we schedule everything else. That's right, you and your partner sit down and pencil in sexy time! You may be saying, 'This is nutty! Sex needs to be spontaneous to be passionate. The mere thought of scheduling sex seems mechanical and devoid of such passion.'
But wait, there is a method to this madness.
Planning sex does not strip away spontaneity or make the act mundane and mechanical. On the contrary: you and your partner are taking steps towards rekindling your sexual spark. Unlike other scheduled life events, you are bringing attention to a force of nature that is your greatest source of energy and creativity, the sexual fire.
The sexual act does not “need” to be spontaneous to be meaningful. Lovemaking is an art. Lovemaking takes practice and patience. Lovemaking takes attention and focus. Spontaneity happens when energy and creativity are present in our sexual lives. Sexual spontaneity arises out of the passion that you and your partner create together. So, start scheduling your sex!
At first, you are merely making time for each other. The very act of scheduling sex may seem a bit strange. You may even laugh at your our life.- Thinking, 'how ridiculous, my life is so crazy that my partner and I are schedule sex.' You and your partner may even joke around about having “scheduled sex” or you may even sink into a in-depth psycho analyzation of your moods, energy levels, or the potential commitment to planned sex.- KEEP SCHEDULING!
Through the scheduling process, you and your partner will transform yourselves from people who are craving sex into people who are having it. You will know your “Sex Schedule” is working when you and your partner no longer need to rely on it. You and your partner have successfully created time for making love. The electromagnetic attraction is restored; the fire of passion relit. Enjoy each other!!

By Shane
Co-creator of Sacred Sex Game


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