5 Winter Sex Tips

5 Winter tips for hotter sex.
Let's be honest, staying warm during the winter months can be a challenge! A cold mattress will “literally” suck the heat right out of your body. In fact, the winter months can make it more difficult to get into the mood for having sex.

Here are a few tips for having hot and steamy sex during the colder months.

1. Sip a hot drink to warm your body.
2. It's okay to wear socks, seriously!
3. Take a hot shower or bath, without getting your head wet.
4. Turn up the heat before taking off your clothes. (Remember to turn it down too!)
5. For a heavenly experience, use an electric blanket on your bed. Turn it on 15 minutes before you slide into bed
. (We do not advocate the use of electric blankets for sleeping. Only to warm up the bed before getting under the covers.)

Warning: The cold can lead to extremely long sessions of Foreplay. Proceed with caution.

By Shane and Heather
Creator of Sacred Sex Game


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