I Didn't Orgasm, Please Help Me!

I didn't orgasm, please help me! 

Let's be honest, this can happen to any of us at any time. Here are three simple tips to help.

1. Awareness
2. Communication
3. Action

1. There are two types of awareness; active and passive. Passive awareness is basically pushing the matter aside or avoiding the issue. Active awareness is becoming present with the issue and moving towards action. One or both of you must become "actively" aware that someone did not orgasm.

2. Communication is key to resolution. Ask, "Did you orgasm? You were so quiet that I want to make sure." Or "I did not orgasm, can you finish me off?" Find the courage to ask. Find the courage to get beyond guilt, shame, or fear. We were not born with an innate understanding of how to have great sex. This is a learned skill. So, practice and learn.

3. Take action to finish what you were adult enough to start. Use your hands, your mouth, your tongue, your feet... whatever it takes to help your partner to reach their climax. Become humble enough to take direction, from your partner, on the most efficient way to help them orgasm.

One final tip, make a strong effort to become present with each other during intercourse. Learn how to cultivate an awareness of each other's sexual energy and become present with each other's sexual arousal rate. If one of you is approaching the “point of no return” too quickly --slow down, breathe deep, and/or take a break. By cultivating an awareness of each other during sex, it becomes easier to arrive at orgasm together.

"Great sex is successful communication." - Sacred Sex Game

By Shane and Heather
Creators of Sacred Sex Game


“Orgasms are important. Otherwise, people wouldn't know when to stop screwing each other.”


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